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Writing by Hand Will Nurture Your Children's Abilities

This skill encourages coordination between different organs such as the eyes, brain, hands, and other sections of the brain. Eventually, your children will be able to process new information as they write, which typing on a keyboard can't...

Parents already know the advantages that art can give to children, but it can come in handy during quarantine if you're looking for healthy entertainment. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield to learn more!

Provide Art Supplies

You can leave material for them to draw...

Have you ever heard anything about the concept of design thinking? Have you ever wondered how it works? o Why is it used in education? In this post from The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield, you will know.

Times Have Changed, and Education Must Evolve

Therefore, parents and teachers alike must...

Having a hard time speaking is a prevalent scenario during the beginning of childhood. When young children learn to talk, it's natural for them to mispronounce some letters and other sounds or phonemes that they cannot yet articulate. When it comes to articulation, these errors are held over...

A Tutor Gives a Personalized Approach and Improves Performance

First and foremost, tutors have a different roles from teachers, which puts them in a unique position to support their students. Teachers don’t have time to tailor their approach to each pupil, but they get to deliver information...

Although people hear about new technologies almost daily, it’s often unclear what they are despite using them every day through smartphones, computers, or television. New technologies can be defined as a series of innovations in technological tools such as programs or apps, which facilitate...

Next, The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield, shares some of the benefits of doing sports and physical exercise at a young age. Take note!

Sports will Boost Their Self-Confidence

Sports give children the chance to feel like members of a community, instill a sense of empathy and support...

Parents can contribute to the child's adjustment period in school with their attitude and words of encouragement. These elements are essential for children's development as it builds a positive experience. But if this is proving difficult, how can you do it? Well, this post from The Tutoring...

Getting your toddler ready for their first encounter with school can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield, collected a few suggestions to help you ease their transition into preschool.

Train Your Child for Their First Day of School

As your child prepares for...

Tips to Help Your Child With Their Social Skills

Social skills are a necessity for several reasons. While you may not stop to think about just how important these are, there's no doubt they play a massive role in your social life as well as your academic and professional life. Because of this,...


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