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Choosing a college to enroll in is such a big deal that some students feel intimidated by this decision. To ensure you're picking the right place for you, follow the tips below.

How to Choose the Perfect College for You

  1. For starters, think about your interests: what do you want to study? Even if you aren't sure yet, you probably have a direction you want to go in. Search for colleges which point that way.
  2. You should also consider your preferences and needs. For example, if you're an athlete, go to a school that has great teams.
  3. Needless to say, there's also the financial aspect to weigh in. Know how you'll pay for college and what kind of college you can afford.
  4. Create a shortlist of the schools that meet the criteria above, so you can remain focused and narrow down your options.
  5. Once you have your list, research each of the schools in it so you can have more information to make a better decision.
  6. If possible, try to visit the campuses of the schools in your shortlist. While there, notice the installations, and get a feel for the vibe it and its town has.
  7. If you know what you want out of your career, take notice of the type of networking you would be able to do in your schools (e.g. look at their teachers and alumni).
  8. It's also recommended that you set up an interview with teachers, current students, past students, etc., so they can give you their perspective on the school.
  9. If you're undecided between a couple of schools, list their pros and cons, so you can organize the information and relate it better.
  10. Finally, consider your gut feeling: where do you feel comfortable?, which school suits you?, where will you fit in?

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