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If you think that your child should take advantage of their summer break by engaging in activities that will help them develop different skills, below you'll find a few games that will allow them to keep their brain awake and learning.

Games to Keep Your Child's Mind Awake this Summer

  1. Retention and memory play big parts in your child's learning process, which is why providing them with things to help them exercise those abilities can help them greatly. Memory games, for example, are a fun way to do it!
  2. When you're working on a crossword puzzle, you're not only playing a game, but you're putting your knowledge to good use, using your spelling skills, and learning more. Find crossword puzzles your child can work on that will help them learn.
  3. Jigsaw puzzles can be colorful, fun, and very entertaining. If your child loves solving them, they'll develop their attention span, their problem-solving skills, their management skills, and their response to visual stimuli, so encourage them to keep doing them.
  4. Finally, mazes can also help your child keep their mind sharp. This is because, through them, your child will work on their understanding of spatial arrangements, their strategic thinking, and their adaptability to obstacles, which can prove to be very useful.

Enroll Your Child in One-on-One Summer Tutoring in West Bloomfield MI

The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield MI offers summer programs for students who want to make the most out of their break, continue learning, and sharpen their academic skills. Call (248) 432-7288 if you'd like more information on how their academic programs can help your child, or if you wish to enroll your child in summer tutoring in West Bloomfield MI. 


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