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Should you or shouldn't you study with music? This post explores some of the main negative consequences that can come from blasting the radio while you should be studying.

Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

It Distracts You

Music can be fun and very energetic. That's why, students are often distracted by the tunes playing on the radio when they should be studying (especially if said tunes have lyrics). Being distracted is the complete opposite of what you want when studying.

It Can Alter Your Mood

Music can alter your mood in a positive way. However, depending on the type of music you're listening to, it can also alter your mood negatively. Certain music can cause stress or bum you out, all of which isn't conducive to learning.

It Can Lead to Mistakes

While playing music when studying can help you focus in some cases, if you're performing more complicated tasks, it can lead to more mistakes. This means that you may want to leave the music for when you have more mechanical tasks to get through.

It Elongates Your Study Sessions

And last but not least, since music can distract you or lead you to make mistakes, you can bet that you won't be as effective when studying. It's highly likely that your study sessions will be much longer than if you were to study in silence.

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