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Tests can make students anxious. That's why most of them have different study methods that help them prepare for their tests effectively. However, just as they are good practices you should follow when studying, there are others that can actually derail your efforts. So you can stay clear of them, read the post below.

What Not to Do When Studying

Being Negative

Thinking a subject is too difficult, putting too much pressure on yourself, comparing yourself to others, and generally being negative about your study sessions won't help you become an effective learner. Keep a positive attitude so you can do better.

Getting Distracted

Procrastination is a dangerous thing when you're studying, as it strips your focus away from what you should be learning. To avoid it, keep all distractions far from you when you should be going over your notes (e.g. your cell phone and the TV).


If you were given practice sheets to help you study for a test, don't cheat on them. Completing those exercises on your own will help you develop and strengthen your skills. Don't throw that opportunity away and give it a real try!


A big mistake students make when it comes to their studies is thinking they can learn everything the night before a test. If you want to be effective, however, start studying days in advance so you can calmly retain the information you should learn.

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