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Cell phones are everywhere; you can't escape them. That's why, instead of keeping your child from them, you should teach them how to use theirs responsibly. To that end, follow the tips below.

How to Prevent Cell phone Distractions

Put Education First

Of course, you should have a talk with your child to put some limits regarding their cell phone usage. Let them know when they can and can't use it, as well as how much time they're allowed to be on it. But most importantly, put education first. Make a connection between their cell phone usage and low grades, so they make more of an academic effort.

Set Up Parental Controls

Nowadays, cell phones come with different parental control options that you should take advantage of to help your child stay safe as they use their cell phones. Moreover, you can restrict the apps they install, the times of day they use it, and more.

Use It as an Incentive

You can employ your child's cell phone as an incentive to help them complete their duties. For example, they can use it after they've done their homework or have picked up their room. If they refuse, you can change the wifi password to keep them from getting distracted.

Take It Away

Finally, there will be times when you will have to take your child's cell phone away. However, you should only employ this tactic as a last resort, for when you notice they're not mature enough to being responsible with how they use it.

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