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If your child is not the strongest speller, try to understand them. After all, spelling does require them to memorize a few different rules and their exceptions. Moreover, you should try to help them improve. To do it, use the tips below so you can help them develop this important academic skill.

How to Improve in Spelling

  1. First, you can try motivating them to read and write often. Giving them reading material that speaks to their interests, or a journal, will help them practice and improve in spelling.
  2. It can also be very helpful to give your child a dictionary. Not only does it help them expand their vocabulary, but they can also use it to verify the spelling of words they're not certain of.
  3. As mentioned in a previous post, mnemonic devices are a great way to retain and recall information. Use mnemotechnics with spelling rules so your child can memorize them.
  4. You should also encourage your child to keep a spelling log. In it, they can document and practice all of those words that they have a more challenging time spelling.
  5. Finally, make sure that your child gets enough practice. To do it, you can give them practice sheets (there are some online), so they get a chance to work on their spelling skills.

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