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A wider vocabulary can open a lot of doors for your child since they'll be able to understand their world better and express their opinions, feelings, and thoughts accurately. To help build your child's vocabulary this summer break, here are some tips you can follow.

How to Help Your Child Work on Their Vocabulary

  1. First of all, you should ensure they have the opportunity to come face to face with unknown words. To that end, encourage your child to read as often as they can (especially great material by talented writers).
  2. Of course, if your child is interested in expanding their word collection, they will need a dictionary that can help them understand those unknown words they've come into contact with.
  3. Having your child write during their summer break can also help them expand their vocabulary, as they'll be able to use the newly-discovered words in their texts.
  4. An easy way to further their efforts is to simply talk to them. As you do, employ words they may not be familiar with, so they can be exposed to them. Likewise, push them to use new words as they speak.
  5. As a final tip, you can introduce games and apps to this endeavor. For example, playing Scrabble will help your child broaden and strengthen their vocabulary as they have fun.

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