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The more a person writes, the more inspired they are, the better they'll communicate with others, and the greater domain they'll have over their language. If your child isn't much of a writer, here are a few ways with which you can motivate them to do it more often.

How to Motivate Your Child to Write

Set an Example

No matter how much you tell a child to do something, they probably won't do it until they see you do it as well. For that reason, you should also write more to set an example they can follow.

Stay Relaxed

If your child senses that you're forcing them to write, or if they get punished when they make mistakes in their material, they'll likely start to you both the activity. Keep a relaxed attitude towards writing, so they can feel comfortable while doing it.

Get Inspired

Trying new things, having different experiences, making up stories with you, sharing ideas and opinions, are all situations that can inspire your child, and make them more eager to pick up a pen and write.

Read Together

If your child reads regularly, they're more likely to understand just how important writing is. Read with them every day, so you both can have an enriching and enjoyable experience that stimulate their writing bug.

Be Present

If your child gives you their material to read, read it. If they ask for your opinion, share it gently. Simple acts like these will make them feel you have their back, which can boost their motivation to write.

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