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While summer break gives you the opportunity to rest and relax, not doing anything else during your time off can be pretty boring, and even detrimental to your physical and mental development. That's why you should set goals for your summer that will keep your mind active!

Summer Goals You Can Work On

  1. First of all, make it a point to read a book every two weeks. Reading more often this summer will help you work on your creativity, your vocabulary, your academic skills, your knowledge, and much more.
  2. You should also take on writing. Keeping a journal of your summer days, for example, will help you express yourself, organize your ideas, and work on your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and writing.
  3. Though you may feel reluctant to do so, you should set a goal to study over the break. Doing so will refresh your academic knowledge and skills, so you can avoid the summer brain drain.
  4. If you're not already, try to be more active over the summer. Enroll in a class, play with friends, or walk your dog, but get moving. This will work your muscles and oxygenate your brain.
  5. Another goal that could be very beneficial to you is learning something new (a new language, an instrument, to cook, etc.). This will challenge your brain, as well as give you new abilities.
  6. Finally, if possible, visit new places during your break. Plan a trip with friends or family, so you can create new memories together and learn about other surroundings.

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