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Participating in class can improve your grades, expand your attention span, and enhance your learning experience. To learn how you can do it effectively, continue reading.

How to Participate in Class


If you want to participate in class, you need to prepare to do so. This means, do your homework, read your notes, and complete your work, so you can add to the discussion.

Stay Calm

If you're intimidated by your peers and teacher, and that keeps you from participating, breathe in deeply, and remember that everybody is there to learn.

Be Respectful

Of course, you need to be respectful: wait for your turn to talk, don't disregard your classmates' comments, and avoid yelling, laughing, or being disruptive in general.


Speaking of being respectful, you should listen to what your peers and teacher say. This, so you can join the discussion effectively.

Ask and Answer Questions

Do you have any questions regarding your school lessons? Do you know the answer to one of the questions posed by your teacher and peers? These are the easiest ways to participate in class.

Share Your Opinion

Lastly, if you have something to say, say it! Sharing your opinion on a topic can enrich your and your peers' learning experience. But, once again, remember to do it in an orderly and respectful fashion.

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