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To some students, oral presentations are one of the most dreaded occurrences during the school year. Nonetheless, knowing how to address a crowd expertly is a skill that we should all possess. For a few tips on how to get ready to have a successful oral presentation, read below.

How to Get Ready for an Oral Presentation

Prepare Thoroughly

This means making your presentation with plenty of time (including your visual aids), mastering the subject you'll be going over, and even practicing in front of friends and family. Being ready and practicing will help you gain confidence.

Care for Your Body Language

How you stand, how you move, the gestures you make, your voice (its rhythm and tone), and your stare are non-verbal ways in which you communicate with others. Work on them and control them to give a successful presentation.

Make Short/Concise Notes

Reading everything from a piece of paper isn't an oral presentation. For that reason, if you're allowed to have notes, you should make them short and concise, so they can remind you of what to say and can keep you on track without having to read every single word.

Have Effective Visual Aids

Having a presentation where the slides are filled with text, are a bright yellow color, and have sounds, can be distracting and stressful for you and your classmates. Keep your slides effective and clean, so they actually help your presentation, and not hurt it.

Get the Technology Ready

If your presentation will include video, slides, audio, or other media, get to your classroom early to test all of the devices you'll use. This way, you won't find out that the video you were showing isn't loading correctly at the last minute, and you'll have time to fix it.


Finally, remember to breathe slowly and relax before your presentation. Speaking out loud can be nerve-wracking to some people, but if you remember your preparation, and focus on the subject you'll be going over, you're more likely to succeed.

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