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Procrastination can be dangerous from time to time since it can affect your child's productivity and keep them from learning and studying. If your child procrastinates when they should be doing homework, put the tips below to good use.

How to Help Your Child Reduce Procrastination

  1. Distractions are often the enemies of productivity. That's why it's important that you provide your child with a place where they can study that's free of distractions, to help them focus.
  2. Schedules can help your child avoid procrastination. Setting a time frame during which they need to complete their homework, (and sticking to it), can encourage them to manage their time.
  3. Goal-setting is another technique that can help in this situation. Setting doable goals your child can work towards will give them a purpose, which can help thwart off procrastination.
  4. There are also different strategies that your child can use to start working. For instance, breaking down complicated assignments into smaller, workable chunks, can help them focus on their duties.
  5. It may also be that your child can't concentrate on the tasks at hand because their learning style isn't being taken into account. As you know, it can make a real difference in your child's learning experience, so find out how they learn, and adapt to their style.
  6. Another idea that can be of assistance is to talk with your child. Maybe they're confused by their homework, or there's another reason why they aren't working. If needed, take them to a professional who can diagnose them.
  7. Finally, if nothing else works, create a reward system that can motivate your child to stop procrastinating and start working.

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