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Students may get nervous when they have to present an exam, which may lead them to make mistakes that could be easily avoided. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, read the following post so you can keep yourself from falling victim of these common mistakes.

Avoidable Test-Taking Mistakes

Not Being Prepared

Cramming the night before a test or not studying at all is the first mistake you can make if you'll be taking a test. Not being prepared also includes not having the necessary supplies you'll need for it.

Not Writing Their Name

In some cases, not writing your name on a test may lose you some points. Get those easy points by always writing your name as soon as you get the test.

Not Reading the Test

Also, upon getting your test, you should read every instruction, question, possible answer, and more, to ensure that you understand what's being asked of you.

Not Answering in Proper Form

Circling an answer when you should have crossed it off, or having illegible penmanship may also bring your score down.

Getting Stuck

If you're having trouble with a question, it's better to move on and to come back to it later, so you don't waste time on it for the time being.

Not Answering Questions

Whether you missed them altogether or you forgot to come back to them, not answering questions can seriously affect your grade.


Answering the test in a rush can lead to easily avoided mistakes. That's why you should work your way through your test calmly and carefully.

Not Reviewing

Last but not least, handing in your test without reviewing it can be a big mistake, as it gives you the opportunity to correct any errors you may have made while going over it the first time.

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