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How to Choose a College Major

For many students, sitting down to choose a college major can turn into a huge source of stress. If your child hasn't decided what they want to focus their studies on, you can help make this decision easier with these tips.

Have a Career in Mind

Your child may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of majors they have to choose from. If they already have a career in mind that they want to work towards, this can help them out a ton. For example, your child may not know what major to choose but they may know they want to be a medical doctor. This means that they should also have plans to attend medical school after getting their undergraduate degree. In order to do that, they have to pick a major that helps them meet the requirements to get into medical school. Look into those requirements to make picking a major easier.

Stick to What Makes Sense

If your child doesn't have a career in mind, then they should take the route of figuring out what their interests are. Have your child make a list of their interests and values. When they have these down, go through their list with them, and talk about potential careers. For example, if your child has a strong interest in art, they can major in anything from studio art to the history of art. Look into what careers these majors can lead to, what the pay rate for these are, and what the day-to-day looks like for the people in these fields. This can help your child narrow down potential careers to work towards.

Avoid Pressure

Finally, most universities allow students to start school even if they haven't declared a major yet. Remind your child that they can start school undeclared while they figure out what major is the best fit for them. Avoid pressuring them into choosing a specific major that you think is good and let them make this choice once they're sure.

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