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Prepare for College During the Summer

Starting college can be something your child is looking forward to in the fall. While it is exciting to be starting freshman year, there are still a number of things to take care of during the summer. To help your child prepare for college this summer, use these tips.

Keep up With Important Dates

School starts in the fall, but your child may have a number of important dates to keep track of during the summer. These can include things like registration, summer orientation, applying for housing, and even move-in day. Help your child keep track of all these dates by keeping a calendar that will keep them organized.

Start Summer Homework

Some students may discover after registering for classes that they already have homework. Some professors may assign summer reading or homework to prepare students for their class. If this is the case with your student, be sure they start their homework as soon as they know about it. This will ensure they don't spend the semester trying to catch up.

Look for More Scholarships

Finally, encourage your child to continue looking for scholarships. Since different scholarships have different deadlines, it's never too late to look for additional help. On top of this, your child probably has more free time over the summer which they can use writing essays and submitting applications.

Academic Tutoring in West Bloomfield

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