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If your child begins reading from a young age, it's likely that they will develop this skill effectively and will feel more comfortable when starting their academic life. If you'd like to help them get that head start, here are some tips on how you can teach your child to read.

How to Help Your Child Start Reading

Read with Your Child

If you want to introduce your child to reading, as well as encourage them to enjoy doing it, you should read with them daily. While you do, remember to let them know that the words coming out of your mouth are the same as the words written in the book.

Become Familiar with Letters and Their Sounds

Your child should be able to recognize all of the letters in the alphabet before they read. Not only that, but it's imperative that they are familiar with the sounds the letters make (especially when put together with other letters). Practice these with them to move the process along.

Employ Word Families and Rhymes

For the next step, it's a good idea to employ word families and rhymes. If your child already knows a certain letter combination, help them recognize it in other words with similar spelling and sounds.

Work on Reading Comprehension

Once your child has become familiar with relating letters, combinations, and their sounds, it's time to begin working on their reading comprehension. Read with them and ask them questions about the material they're going over to ensure they understand it.

Progress Little by Little

If you're an impatient parent who tries to push their child into reading more challenging words, you'll likely overwhelm and intimidate them. Give them time and know that as long as they practice frequently, they will make progress.

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