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If you have ever received a disappointing progress report or report card for your child, you may have thought that if you and your child’s teacher were in more communication, you would have known about the issue before it was too late. If you think you could benefit from better communication with your child’s teacher or teachers, this year and for years to come, then today The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield would like to provide you with a few ways you can easily do just that. 

At the beginning of the school year, your child’s school district will generally have an evening set aside for an Open House. It may occur a few days before the school year officially begins, or within the first week of school. You’ll get the chance during an open house to go to your child’s classroom, where he or she will be spending a large portion of the year. You can take the time to listen to the teacher talk about the rules and regulations in his or her classroom, expectations, policies, and general information about what materials your child will be covering during the school year. You are also provided an opportunity to ask questions of your child’s teacher and express any possible concerns. 

Next, you’ll get the chance at least twice throughout the year to attend a Parent/Teacher Conference. Generally your child’s teacher will set this up with each parent, and especially those that the teacher wishes to discuss behavioural or academic issues with. So, if you do not receive a notification to attend a conference, don’t be discouraged. This could actually be a good thing. However, you can contact the school and schedule a parent/teacher conference anytime you’d like. 

For more chances to see your child’s teacher and discuss specific issues, you can also take the time to volunteer at your child’s school. You may choose to do this multiple times a week or when you have some free time. Your presence in the school will help indicate to your child’s teacher, that you are available. Of course, if you work during the day, that may not be possible. You’ll have to work extra hard to communicate with your child’s teacher and express your interest in being part of his or her educational process. 

Once your communication lines have been opened with your child’s teacher, you two may begin working on ways to help your child establish academic goals and meet them. If you think that your child could improve even more, academically speaking, by hiring a tutor, remember that The Tutoring Center is ready to provide you with a member of our professional tutoring staff. For tutoring in West Bloomfield, be sure to contact us at 248-432-7288.


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