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Fun and Educational Activities for the Summer

During the summer months, it's essential that your child continues to use their school lessons. They may not be interested in being in a classroom during these months, so look for more fun ways to practice their skills.

Practice Spelling

If your child is just learning to write and spell, have them practice these skills outside. Instead of having them write on paper or on a worksheet, spend some time outside having fun while expanding on these skills. Grab some sidewalk chalk and head outside. You can practice anything from your child's name to the names of their favorite cartoons, as long as they're putting what they learned in school to use.

Work With Money

Learning to count money and make change can be tricky for students just learning this skill. To have your child practice this, have them head to the grocery store with you. Ask them to do things like keep track of how much you're spending or even to calculate how much change you should get when you pay. They can also help you figure out how much produce will cost after weighing it.

Learn to Cook

Before your trip to the grocery store, have your child pick out a recipe for something they want to help you make. After getting the supplies, get to work in the kitchen. Your child can put their measuring skills to the test along with their ability to follow directions. They can practice their reading and leadership as they take charge in the kitchen.

Academic Tutoring in West Bloomfield

Enroll your child in tutoring in West Bloomfield to ensure they get the academic help they need. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield to find a great program for your child. To learn more, give their learning center a call at (862) 210-8600, and don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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