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We here at The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield recently offered some tips on encouraging your child to read, and today we’d like to follow up with a similar guide on how to motivate a love of math in your child. Now’s the perfect time of year for your child to form new habits and take up new interests, so take advantage!

Set a good example

Your child looks up to you (whether or not they would admit it!) and they are likely to mimic a lot of your behavior, whether consciously or not. This being the case, it’s important that you approach math problems with confidence and a positive attitude to encourage them to do the same.

Join in and help

Your child may feel overwhelmed by math problems or they may simply not want to study math independently. Either way, joining in and actively encouraging them can boost their confidence and help keep them engaged. Make sure that if your child is struggling with a problem you don’t simply solve it for them, as they need to learn to do this for themselves! Talk through any issues that they’re having and try to help them understand the concepts behind the solution to a given problem to help them develop a deeper understanding.

Sneak math into every day

Practice is important in all disciplines, and this includes math. Make sure your child’s exercising their math brain by asking them lots of math questions. You could ask them to help you work out the cost of the week’s groceries, you could ask them to count their pens and pencils to see if they have enough school supplies. Just make sure you ask them questions suited to their level.

Play games

There are countless apps out there that are tailor-made to help educate your child, so if you have access to a tablet or smartphone then you could consider making use of them. Any ‘old-fashioned’ board game can be easily adapted to test out and develop math skills; simply take a little time to write some math questions beforehand and add a rule saying that each player needs to correctly answer one question before they can take their turn.

Work, rest and play

There are hundreds of factors that affect how your child learns, and you can’t control all of them. There are, however, many things you can do to help them. Ensure they have a good sleep routine, are eating a healthy diet, are getting enough exercise, and so forth to create the best learning conditions possible.

If you feel that your child could benefit from a little extra support with their math, or indeed with any other academic area, don’t hesitate to contact The Tutoring Center. We offer one-to-one tutoring targeted at each student’s specific needs, so call (248) 432-7288 to organize a free diagnostic assessment today.


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