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 Ensuring your child gets enough exercise is vital for their physical and mental development, and their diet is just as crucial. Make sure your child is getting everything they need to blitz through busy days at school with these packed lunch suggestions, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield.

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado wraps

The name says it all! Fill whole wheat tortilla wraps with mashed avocado and a little lemon juice, sliced tomato, lettuce, and crispy bacon, then season with salt and pepper and even a little paprika. The tortillas are great for providing slow-release glucose for stable energy levels throughout the day, the bacon is a good protein source (just make sure to pick a cut without too much fat), and the vegetables provide a great nutrient hit. Avocados are rich in healthy fats proven to be critical for good brain function, too!

Turkey subs

Turkey is one of the healthiest protein sources around, so make the most of it by packing a whole wheat roll with plenty of turkey, sliced tomato and cucumber, avocado, and a little mustard.
Protein isn’t just vital for building muscles, it’s involved in the creation of all the body’s cells, and so it’s critical for good overall development.


Who says lunch has to be a sandwich or a wrap? One of the best thing about chili is that it keeps exceptionally well and if anything improves in flavor after a couple days in the refrigerator, so make some for a weekend dinner and you can also pack it for school in the week. Bean chilis are an exceptional way of providing healthy protein and a whole host of vitamins and minerals.


During the colder months, your child will definitely appreciate a piping hot Thermos of soup to enjoy come lunchtime. Vegetable soup is a tremendous source of nutrients, but be sure to pack some whole wheat bread to enjoy with it, or your child may well get hungry not long after lunch!

Granola bars

Instead of packing a sugary snack, why not make a batch of granola bars on a lazy Sunday afternoon so you have healthy and delicious snacks to provide throughout the week. Simply combine 3 cups of oats, ½ cup honey, 1 cup chopped nuts and seeds, ¼ cup butter or oil and 1 ½ cups dried fruit and bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for around 35 minutes. Of course, you could also pack carrot sticks with hummus or a hearty handful of trail mix.


Include a cup of Greek yogurt and fruit to ensure your child’s getting the protein and calcium that they need without all the artificial sugars and other additives found in store-bought yogurt pots. Packing fruit instead of candy bars is a great way to provide a sweet treat but help your child get their five a day, too. Lastly, avoid packing sodas as they have no nutritional value and are associated with a host of attention problems and the huge amounts of sugar present in sodas seem to cause hyperactivity in many children. Pack water and/or milk instead for a healthy alternative.

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