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Help your child enjoy reading by making it a fun activity, rather than a task or chore. Many kids dislike reading because most of the reading they end up doing is school requirement. That is why it is important to help your child enjoy reading before they see it as a burden. To help, The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield would like to offer these two quick tips on how to make reading fun for your children.

Read Aloud

Make reading a group activity by reading stories together. Assign various characters to different members of your family or friends and turn it into a small performance. Have the adults manage multiple characters and use different voices. Sometimes it is hard, but it can be incredibly fun! Although this may require multiple books, when you are finished you can store one to read again later and donate the rest to a good charity.

Plan Activities Around Books

Another great way to make reading more enjoyable for kids is to read related books before doing fun activities. Before you go to the museum, find an interesting book about dinosaurs and fossils; connect things your children are already excited about to books and reading so they don’t have a negative image of reading in the future.

Prepare Your Child

One of the biggest barriers faced when helping children enjoy reading is during the learning process itself. You should read to your child regularly, from an early age, and encourage them to learn by reading along with you as they develop. Help from a tutoring center and one-to-one instruction from an expert is also incredibly valuable at a young age. For more information about reading tutors in West Bloomfield, call our team today at 248-432-7288.


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