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If you think that your child should take advantage of their summer break by engaging in activities that will help them develop different skills, below you'll find a few games that will allow them to keep their brain awake and learning.

Games to Keep Your Child's Mind Awake this Summer

As recommended in a previous post, you should take your child to the library over their school break, so they’re more encouraged to read and build a habit out of it. If, however, you want to ensure that your visit to the library will be a successful one, go through the post below to learn some...
To come out victorious at the end of finals week, you need to be properly prepared for it. For some guidance in this department, continue reading the post below.

How to Get Ready for Finals Week

Sleep, Eat, and Exercise

Due to the hecticness of finals week, you may not sleep, eat well, or...
Procrastination can be dangerous from time to time since it can affect your child's productivity and keep them from learning and studying. If your child procrastinates when they should be doing homework, put the tips below to good use.

How to Help Your Child Reduce Procrastination

  1. Distractions...
To learn math effectively, your child should make an effort to practice as much as possible. If you'd like to help them master this school subject, below you'll find a few ideas of how they can practice at home.

How to Practice Math at Home

Practice Sheets

If your child requires a bit more...
Adding is one of the most basic math operations and it's very useful in day-to-day life. That's why it's important that you help your child understand additions and learn how to do them correctly. For a few tips on this subject, continue reading.

How to Teach a Young Child to Add

Learn the Basics

While you may think that keeping a journal is something teenagers or adults do, you should know that the benefits it can bring to your child are immense. For more information about them, refer to the following post.

Benefits of Journaling

It Gives Them a Way to Express Themselves

One of the best...
While television can be a good option to relax and be entertained, too much of it can be detrimental. If you have a student at home, allowing them to watch TV all day can affect their learning process and can also keep them from doing other activities that may be more beneficial to them. For that...
Some students are early worms while others are night owls. This has brought up the question "what is the best time to study?". There are pros and cons to working during the day or during the night. However, whatever your preference is, you should keep the following factors in mind.

The Best Time...

Reading is certainly one of the most rewarding, beneficial, and enriching activities that your child (or anyone, for that matter) can engage in. To learn a few of the benefits that reading can bring your child, continue reading the post below.

How Reading Can Benefit Your Child

  1. While...


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