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If your child is feeling tired, doesn't have their homework with them, or has forgotten what they learned the week before, they won't take full advantage of going to school. That's why it's important that they prepare for their classes effectively. To that end, the following post will share some...
Grammar can affect your child's life more than you know. After all, they need it to communicate correctly with others through written or spoken word. However, grammar does entail a wide variety of rules and conventions, which is why some students struggle with it. If your child requires...
Now that winter break is almost here, it is the perfect opportunity to help your child fall in love with reading. In the past, we've mentioned a few tips on how you can achieve just that, but in this occasion, we'd like to provide some more ideas revolving around the holiday season. Hopefully, by...
Nowadays, there are a lot of tools at your child's disposal that are aimed at helping them be effective learners. One of those is the dictionary: with it, your child will be able to expand their vocabulary, develop their spelling skills, improve in reading comprehension, and become better...
Feeling nervous, anxious, or uneasy isn't a pleasant emotion. What's more, in some occasions, this state of worry can have a negative effect on our well-being and in how we handle different situations. For instance, some students may feel anxious about their tests, which can lead to poor grades...
If your child is not the strongest speller, try to understand them. After all, spelling does require them to memorize a few different rules and their exceptions. Moreover, you should try to help them improve. To do it, use the tips below so you can help them develop this important academic...
If you have a student at home, you surely want to see them succeed academically. However, in order for them to do so, they'll need your help from time to time. For instance, if you want your child to do their homework effectively, below you'll find a few tips on how you can assist them achieve...

Math Formulas It Helps to Remember

There are some concepts that you will continue to use as you advance in math. Here are a few formulas you will use regularly and will want to commit to memory.

Midpoint Formula

  When you need to find the midpoint of a line, use this formula to determine...

Using the Present Perfect Tense

When we want to say that an action occurred at an undisclosed time in the past, we use the Present Perfect verb tense in the form "has/have" + the past participle of the verb. Here is a short guide on how to recognize and use the present perfect tense correctly.



How to Keep an Organized Notebook

Sadly for your child, school break is about to end. However, this is the perfect time to get them ready for the new school term. For example, you can help them be organized from the get-go so they don't have trouble tracking their notes and staying on top of...


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