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Reading is a great activity for any person (young or older) to engage in, because it forces us to use our imaginations. Not only that but, during summer break, it can also be a great way for your child to learn new things, practice grammar/spelling and expand his/her vocabulary.

Still, you know that finding the right spot to read can make a huge difference in your reading experience. This is why The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield will share a few tips on how to build the perfect book nook for your child, so s/he can enjoy doing it more!

How to Create the Perfect Book Nook

The Right Lighting

A window can provide great natural light to enjoy a good book with. However, lamps or overhead lighting should also be present in case your child wants to read later in the day.


Reading is the perfect activity to cozy up and spend a relaxing time. This is why a comfortable spot that also supports your child’s back is essential. Pillows and blankets are encouraged.

No Distractions

Noise, TVs, computers, tablets, and other distractions should be left behind in this book nook. This is all about getting lost in the pages of a book, so avoid any distractions around.

Keep the Necessities Close

Interrupting your reading focus to get up for water is annoying. Make sure your child has everything s/he needs to enjoy the book (like a dictionary and highlighter, for example).

The Right Time

Reading while you’re tired, too hyper, or rushed because of other things you have to do isn’t such a delightful experience. Make sure to set a time for your child to read at his/her pace.

For Tutoring in West Bloomfield

As mentioned above, reading can be a great way for your child to learn new things over the summer. However, if your child has trouble with reading comprehension, then s/he may need a tutor!

Here at The Tutoring Center, we offer summer reading programs that will teach your child to retain focus in books, improve in reading comprehension, and practice his/her grammar and writing skills. Call (248) 432-7288 to learn more about how we can help!


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