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During winter break, your child probably forgets all about school. The downside to that, however, is that neglecting school a little bit too much may mean that your child starts the new school term as a blank slate. This is known as winter break learning loss, and you can help your child prevent it with the following tips.

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

  1. Reading and writing not only help your child acquire more knowledge and use their imagination, but they can also give them an opportunity to practice grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and other academic skills.
  2. Giving your child worksheets that they can complete during their break can also help them avoid winter break learning loss. Search online for some that are relevant to their skill level and lessons, and reward them if they complete them correctly.
  3. While it may seem like the complete opposite of what your child wants to do during their time off, studying is necessary if they want to reinforce their knowledge. Review their notes a few times over to help them refresh what they learned.
  4. Finally, something as simple as talking to your child can also provide a chance to practice. You can speak to them, talk about their school subjects, and even ask them to explain a specific concept.

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