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Let's face it: calculators are incredibly helpful tools. However, there's much debate about their use in elementary-level math. After all, if the machine does all of the work, how will the children learn math? While this is a valid point, it is possible to teach students to use a calculator without them becoming dependent on it to do math. To learn how to introduce your child to calculators, follow the tips below.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

Learn About Basic Math Operations

Needless to say, before you introduce a calculator, your child needs to know the four basic math operations and how to do them on their own. You may even want to ensure they can do long divisions and multiplications before they get a calculator.

Employ Other Tools

Tied to the point above, your child should feel comfortable employing other tools to work out a math problem. For instance, doing math in their mind or with pencil/paper, are both incredibly valuable methods that will take them far.

Talk to Them

Let your child know they should be responsible with how they use a calculator. Help them understand that in some cases (for instance, in admission tests or some exams), they won't be able to use a calculator, so they still need to employ those other methods.

Choose the Right Calculator

There are different kinds of calculators out there. Lest you want to intimidate your child with a scientific calculator before they're ready for it, choose a standard calculator. Not only that, but familiarize them with it and teach them how to use it effectively.

Teach Them When to Use It

Most importantly, teach your child boundaries regarding when they can use the calculator and when they shouldn't. For instance, they can use it to check the result of a complicated operation in their homework, but only after they've already double checked the result on their own.

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