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Math is an essential part of all our lives. Still, it seems that many students struggle with it. If you'd like your young child to have an easier time learning math in school, you can teach them basic operations now, so they feel more confident later down the road. For that reason, this post will go over a few ways to introduce your child to subtractions.

How to Introduce Your Child to Subtractions

  1. The first step is a simple but crucial one: explain to them what subtractions are, how they work, what they're used for, and other basic information. This will help avoid confusion during the learning process.
  2. Something that can help your child greatly as they're trying to learn to subtract is to teach them to count backwards. As they do, they'll become inadvertently more familiar with the concept of subtracting. Employ a number line if needed to make this clearer.
  3. Using objects (such as apples, toys, pebbles, pencils, etc.) can make subtractions much more real and less abstract. Illustrate a few subtraction examples with them, so your child can have a visual representation of what subtracting entails.
  4. If your child doesn't seem interested in learning about subtractions, make the lessons more appealing by creating a story. For instance, you can tell them the tale of a bird that has to make a set number of trips in a day.
  5. It's highly like that, if you're teaching your child to subtract, it means they already know how to add. If that's the case, then this task will be easier, since you can make use of fact families. Through them, you can help them realize that if 3 + 3 = 6, then 6 -3 =3.
  6. As a final tip, be sure to give your child the attention and time they need to learn effectively. Rushing them and forcing them to move forward before they're ready can intimidate them and stress them out, so take it easy.

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