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Having a good night’s sleep is not only important to have enough energy to carry out our daily activities, but it also has many other benefits, as it has a crucial role in the learning process and boosts the immune system, that’s why at The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield, we will tell you about some ideas to improve the sleep habits of your children. 


‘5 more minutes, please’ is a common request of your children, who will want to stay up doing a fun activity. However you should establish a non negotiable bed schedule. Keep in mind that it’s estimated that children require 10 hours of sleep every day, and sometimes their daily routine will get on the way of getting enough sleep, plus this measure will set their internal clock. 


Your bedroom temperature should be around 65 degrees, as a cool temperature is required for a good night’s sleep. Avoid using electronic devices, as recent studies show that screen displays produce blue light that can disrupt sleep. 

Be Careful

You should watch what kind of beverages your children consume; soft drinks, iced tea, chocolate and even cough medicine may contain caffeine. This stimulant substance can lead to nervousness and sleep troubles. Also, drinking fluids prior bedtime can cause sleep disturbances, as your children will go to the toilet during the night. 


Physical activity is also a great way to reduce stress and sleep more soundly. Carrying out 30 minutes of exercise each day is part of a healthy lifestyle, that has many benefits. For further information on this topic, be sure to read our guide on the importance of exercise for the brain

Having quality rest is very important for great academic achievement. If you are looking for tutoring in West Bloomfield, think about The Tutoring Center. Our tutors and exclusive programs will boost the abilities your children need to overcome their struggle areas. Please call (248) 432-7288 to learn more about how we can help.


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