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As the school year has begun, it is not too late to start something new for the students in your life. As it is easier to stay organized than it is to start all over, our suggestion at The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield is that you make an attempt at the beginning of the year to start off in an organized manner and keep it going. It is with this in mind, that we would love to share SIX simple tips to help your child to stay organized this year. It is important to know that organized students tend to be those with higher grades, so let us start off on the right foot, shall we? 

Set Goals

Whether the goals you set are academic or personal, write them down, prioritize them, and brainstorm about how you can get them done. Think about what you want to accomplish today, this week, and even more long term, this year. 

Avoid Clutter

Your backpack, workspace, and/or locker can easily become cluttered. The more things you have, the easier it is. Try to avoid having too many things in your study space, as well as avoiding loose papers. 

Designate a Study Space

Designate a space in your home, with the permission and assistance of your parents, for studying and doing homework. Though it is comfortable, and perhaps because it is comfortable, you want to avoid using your bed for studying. Whether you choose the kitchen table, a desk in your room, or some other area entirely, know that this space should be void of clutter and distraction. 

Write It Down

Saying that you will remember, or opting to take a picture of the assignment in your phone, may both seem like good ideas, but really they aren’t. Sure, you may very well remember, but there is always that possibility that you won’t. As for taking a picture in your phone, you want to avoid using your phone as much as possible during your homework and study time. You may innocently enough, take out your phone to see your homework, but imagine the amount of distraction that can then be provided at your fingertips. 

Use a Planner

Rather than attempting to remember assignments, a great place to write them down is in a planner. Get one that is divided into individual days so you can put as much detail as needed in the space provided. If you have an assignment due in an extended period of time, make a note of it the day it was assigned as well as when it is due. Be sure to also write yourself reminders to be working on it in between. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Know what works best for you, but remember that it’s important to get your homework and studying done before other activities, as academics should take priority. That being said, decide whether it’s better for you to work on the more difficult tasks first and then move to the easier ones. Also, know yourself and if you need to take a break between assignments, do it. Take a short walk, eat a snack, wash your face, but then most importantly get back to work. 

After ensuring that your child stays as organized as possible this year, it might still be true that he/she needs some assistance in an academic area. If this is the case, The Tutoring Center is ready to assist you! Give us a call at (248) 432-7288 to schedule your assessment and for tutoring in West Bloomfield. 


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