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Here at The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield, we have already offered some advice on a number of topics, including engaging children in reading and understanding learning styles. Today we’d like to offer some more general advice, so here are a few general tips to take full advantage of study time.

Study before sleep

Studying before bedtime might appear counterintuitive, but studies indicate that information taken in nearer to a period of sleep may be more easily remembered than information received earlier. Of course, good-quality sleep is important to stay on top of your game, so don’t force yourself to stay awake to study.

Write it out

Research shows that we are more likely to remember information we take the time to write out by hand than information we type. If you take hand-written notes it will help ensure your handwriting’s up to scratch too!

Reward yourself with breaks

Nobody’s attention span is infinite. Break your study into blocks and reward yourself with a break to stretch your legs, grab a snack or make a drink before getting back to work. 50 minute blocks of work followed by ten minute breaks are a good starting point, but you could try shorter blocks to start with if you struggle to focus for that long.

Exercise before you study

Many studies have established the importance of regular exercise for good brain function in general, and some indicate that aerobic exercise also provides a short term boost to brain-processing speed. Try going for a jog before your study session to wake up your body and brain!

Learn what works for you

This is perhaps the most important tip. Everybody is different and there is no one ‘best way to learn’ that applies to all. Pay attention to how effective your study sessions are and think of improvements you could make in future. Maybe you work best in the morning, maybe you learn more working with a group; just make sure you adapt to fit your needs.

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