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Keep summer boredom blues away with a dress-up box designed for your child. Here are some suggestions from The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield for the best summer dress-up box ever!

Stock the box

If you don't have enough frills in your own closet, ask friends and family to comb their closets for great dress-up finds. For some inexpensive options, try thrift stores and yard sales in your area.

Heavy on the headgear

Scarfs, hats, tiaras, veils, headbands and wigs of various styles are wonderful options when creating your child's dress-up box. Don't worry about quality. Your child's imagination will transform an item in any condition.

You can never have too many shoes

Boots, cowboy or rain, stay on feet (even if they're too big) and are multi-purpose for your firefighter, rodeo star, motorcycle cop or superhero. Ladies love their heels but stick to low or no heels for your little princess. Ankle sprains and falls are far more likely in stilettoes.

Celebrity styles

Bridesmaid gowns, half-slips, short dresses and robes are perfect for your A-list actress. Suit jackets and vests are great for your young Paul Newman's red carpet moments. Some simple ways to keep your child from getting tripped up are to quickly shorten dresses, skirts, and pants with pinking shears and shrink items down to size by tossing them in the washer and dryer.

Accessorize to excess

The key to a great dress-up box is accessories. Handbags and wallets should come complete with play money. Some old address/date books and a full key ring may just hold the secret to where the treasure is buried! Chunky costume jewelry (remove pins from brooches), clip on earrings, and big bauble rings are even better than the Queen's jewelry to your child! Big boas, extravagant shawls, ties and eyeglasses (if they are prescription or too dark, just pop the lenses out) go "oh so well!" with fancy gloves. Belts can be a perfect fit if you simply cut them in half. Finally, a large mirror is a must-have for your child's dress-up days of summer.

When creating a dress-up box this summer, remember if you build it, they will come. Dress-up is a wonderful way for your child to act out a favorite book. In their wonder-world, everything is possible. Allow your child's mind to create the magic. For additional activities this summer and help with reading skills to tackle all those spectacular stories, call The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield at 248- 432-7288. The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield offers reading skills programs like "Geniuses in Training" and one-to-one tutoring to help your young Thespian and prepare him/her for studies this fall.


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