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This summer, don’t let your children’s educational priorities fall and keep them academically challenged. There are many activities to do that are fun, yet extremely valuable academically. It’s extremely important to keep a student’s reading skills sharp so try to work a little reading into everything you do. A few suggestions The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield has for this summer are:

Go to the Park

Parks are a great place for science because you can explore topics like health and exercise, or biology and really have fun learning new things. You can practice reading about different health routines before going to the park, or make a scientific journey of it by observing the different plants and wildlife. Throughout the summer, keep fitness or observations journals. If you focus on health, see if you can notice any improvements; if you are focusing on biology, try to see how the weather affects different aspects of the ecosphere.

Go to the Zoo

The zoo is a fabulous place to explore science this summer because it is filled with exotic and interesting creatures. Also, each exhibit is accompanied by a short informational plaque describing the animals. Take the time at each station to read the information provided, and have a quiz on the way home. Challenge your kids to remember as much new stuff as possible and quiz them again before returning to the zoo again.

Bring it to the Kitchen

Unfortunately, not every day of the summer is guaranteed to have stellar weather. On rainy days, take your science to the kitchen and make some yummy treats. Do a little research ahead of time about the science behind cooking. Explore a little about chemical reactions, and what different outside factors (such as adding heat) do to your recipe.

Since summer is typically seen as a time of freedom and escape from academia, many students fail to stay current on their studies and suffer when school starts again. By doing activities that are exciting and educational, you can help keep them sharp. If you are interested in more directive one-to-one instruction in science or other academic programs in West Bloomfield, contact us today for more information.


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