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At the beginning of the school year it is important to remind ourselves of some basic strategies for a successful school year. Although exams are certainly not the only part of the educational process, their weight is heavy, especially in how they reflect on our final grade. The Tutoring Center in West Bloomfield would love to share three simple study skills tips, as well as three test taking strategies in order to help you reach academic success this year. 

Practice Your Study Skills

Do the homework
Even if your teacher does not make a habit of checking the homework that he or she assigns, remember that it is still beneficial to you to do it. Many times, what is displayed in the homework is reflected on the test. 

Create a study plan
Not only should you keep a regular homework schedule, you should also be aware when tests will take place, ensuring to schedule time to study each night for at least a week before the test is scheduled. Though there is nothing wrong with studying the night before, this will help you avoid cramming and stressing over the exam. It will also provide some time for much needed rest the night before a big test!

Take good notes
Although this may seem obvious, we cannot stress the importance of good note taking. As a general rule, if your teacher writes it down, so should you. Write down the major concepts as your teacher is lecturing, ask for clarification on concepts you do not understand, and even compare your notes with a classmate to ensure you wrote down all of the major concepts. 

*Now that you’ve studied and prepared as well as you could and the test is in your hands be sure to follow these three simple rules to ensure you do the best you can. 

Have a Test-Taking Strategy

Read directions
It is likely that your teacher will go over the instructions with you, but take the time to read them again on your own. If at that time, there is something you do not understand, ask. 

Strategically answer questions
Those questions you are absolutely sure about are the ones you should answer first. Not only will this help build confidence for the rest of the test, it will also provide extra time to focus on those questions which you find more difficult. 


Lastly, but certainly not least, be sure to review the exam. We know that it may be tempting to put your head down, or leave the room if that is an option. Remember that many mistakes made on an exam are simple and could have been corrected with a simple revision. Ensure that you have answered the short answer questions with as much detail and information as possible. Recheck your math, and have the confidence that something you could not remember or were not sure about before, will come back to you. 

If after employing these strategies, you discover you are still not please with your score, remember that The Tutoring Center can help you even further. Our tutors are ready to assist you in reaching test taking excellence with our programs. Give us a call at 862-210-8600 for tutoring in West Bloomfield!


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