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Some students are early worms while others are night owls. This has brought up the question "what is the best time to study?". There are pros and cons to working during the day or during the night. However, whatever your preference is, you should keep the following factors in mind.

The Best Time to Study

You're Well-Rested and Fed

First of all, it should be no secret that you should see to your biological and most basic needs in order to study. Being sleepy or hungry can be the biggest distractions. Moreover, your mind is less likely to pay attention to what you're studying if your body is not rested and well-fed.

You Have the Right Amount of Energy

While you should have the energy to study, it should be the right amount - no more, no less. For instance, if after you eat, you normally feel too energetic and fidgety, then that may not be the best time for you to study since you may not be able to focus appropriately. If you do have a lot of energy, run around for a bit to settle down.

You're Not Distracted

Some people get distracted by what goes on around them while others let their minds wander when it's too quiet. Find out what the appropriate conditions around you should be when you're looking to concentrate and learn as much as you can for the next couple of hours.

You Have a Routine

If by now you've established a studying routine and have a set schedule, you should continue that way. If you don't, you should create one. When you always study at the same time, your body and mind will be prepared for it; you'll also learn to manage your efforts and time more effectively.

You Have What You Need

You may like to study with others so you can ask questions, or you may study as a way to relax at the end of the day. Whatever your needs and preferences are, the time you study in should provide them for you. For example, it'll be difficult to have a study group in the middle of the night, or it may stress you out to study during the day. Analyze your requirements and make sure the time you study at can meet them.

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