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Tips for a Seamless Online Test Experience

For many students, taking tests online may not be something they're used to. As these become more and more common, it can be useful to get more comfortable with the format. Check out these great tips to help your child prepare for an online test.

Pick the Right Spot

Before your child picks a random spot on the couch for taking their test, remind them that they'll need to think this through a bit more. A desk or a table is a better spot because your child will be able to sit upright while taking their test rather than sinking into the couch and awkwardly typing on their laptop. On top of this, they should pick a spot where they won't be distracted by noise, people, or other items like the television. Have them find a spot in your home that is quiet, comfortable, and that will help them stay focused.

Set up Early

Once your child has the perfect spot, it's time to set it up. At least a few hours before their test, have your child collect the supplies they'll need and put them in their work area. This may be their laptop, charger, paper, a pencil, a calculator, etc. Whatever they need should already be there so they don't have to get up and look for it. If they're using a laptop, they can't forge their charger. In fact, they should have their laptop plugged in as they work so they don't get surprised by a dead battery.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Finally, remind your child that they still need to manage their time and keep an eye on the clock. Taking an online test at home can make it easier for them to lose track of time, so they should have a timer to remind them how much time they have left.

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