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In a previous post, you read through some tips on how you can control your anxiety due to an upcoming test. One of them was to prepare properly for it. This includes learning the best ways to take your tests, so you can get the best scores possible. To help you improve your test-taking techniques, this post will go over some tips on the matter.

How to Take a Test

Write Down Your Name

The first step should always be to write your name down the moment you get your test. Doing so will ensure your test won't get lost, which can affect your grade immensely.

Read the Test Thoroughly

Read your whole test thoroughly (instructions, questions, possible answers, etc.) and understand what you have to do before starting. Ask the teacher questions if something in the instructions isn't clear.

Answer in Proper Form

When you're answering a test, you should try your best to answer as instructed, to write in legible letters, and to put together comprehensible sentences.

Start Out Easy

A good strategy to answer your test is to begin with the easiest questions to get them out of the way, and make time for the more complicated ones. Just be sure to mark the ones you'll save for later so you don't forget about them.

Do Not Cheat

Needless to say, you should not cheat during your tests. Doing so will not benefit you, and will be detrimental to your grade if you get caught.

Review Your Test

Finally, if you have time, don't hand in your test without reading it over. Go through the instructions, possible answers, your answers and look for mistakes. Likewise, ensure that you've answered every single question.

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