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While television can be a good option to relax and be entertained, too much of it can be detrimental. If you have a student at home, allowing them to watch TV all day can affect their learning process and can also keep them from doing other activities that may be more beneficial to them. For that reason, if you require some guidance to build healthy TV habits with your child, the following post has some tips on the matter.

How to Manage Your Student's Relationship with the TV

  1. As a parent, you should lead the way. If your child sees that you spend all of your time watching TV, they're likely to do the same. Read and engage in other activities so you can lead by example.
  2. Not only is "how much" TV they watch important, but "when" they do it as well. To that end, create boundaries: they can watch 2 hours of it after they're done with their duties. You should also keep them from watching it right before bed, when they eat, or when they're working on something else.
  3. You should also monitor what they watch. Of course, you should make sure they only watch shows that are suited to their age. Moreover, you should persuade your child to watch shows that  are educational and have high-quality content.
  4. Your child should also be aware of what they're watching. Discussing a TV show and even the ads that air during it will allow them to be more critical and aware of what they consume.
  5. As a last tip, present your child with different options of activities they can do. Simply taking a walk in the park or reading, can help them be more active and learn, and not be as immersed in the TV.

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