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Goal setting can boost your child's confidence, motivate them to continue developing and learning, and will help them become more focused. If you'd like to set goals so your child can improve academically this new year, follow the tips below so they are more likely to succeed.

How to Set Academic Goals for Your Child

  1. The first tip is an important one: be specific with the goals. Goals that are too open-ended (e.g. do well in school) can cause confusion and stress in your child. It's even suggested that you specify the steps to achieve said goals and set a deadline for it, so everything is clear.
  2. Unrealistic goals can also be a source of anxiety for your child. That's why the goals should be reachable by the specified deadline. If your child struggles with math, a goal such as "be the best mathematician by the end of the school year" can intimidate and discourage them. Set goals that will make them work hard, but goals which they can attain.
  3. If you want your child to succeed, you need to define what "success" is and document their progress. This will help them get a clear idea of how far they've come, and how much more they need to work. Both of these can push them to continue trying and reaching for their goals.
  4. It's likely that the plan you set out for your child to achieve their goals won't go exactly as expected. If you notice they aren't progressing as you thought they would, adjust the strategy and the goals as you see fit. This is a normal part of the process, so help them realize that challenges are not to be feared.
  5. As a final tip, help your child succeed by making their goals visible. Setting their computer's background image to a text reminding them of their goals, for example, can ensure they'll always keep them in mind, which will make it more probable that they'll work towards reaching them.

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