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Adding is one of the most basic math operations and it's very useful in day-to-day life. That's why it's important that you help your child understand additions and learn how to do them correctly. For a few tips on this subject, continue reading.

How to Teach a Young Child to Add

Learn the Basics

First of all, your child should know what numbers are, as well as understand the basic concept of adding before they can begin. Moreover, they should feel comfortable with counting, so practice with them often.

Take It a Step Further

Once your child has mastered counting, you can make it just a bit more difficult. For example, tell them to name all of the even numbers until 30 (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.). These types of exercises will help their brain get in the right mindset to start adding.

Employ Different Objects

A tip to make adding easier for your child, is to give them a tangible way to do it. To that end, give them oranges, pebbles, or other objects that they can count. For example, you can give them 2 pencils, then give them 4 more, and ask them to count them.

Give Them Practice Sheets

Practice makes perfect, so encourage your child to do it by providing worksheets. You can search for some online suited to their level and age, so they can keep working on their skills and developing them.

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