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Easy Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged

During a normal school year, it can be easy for students to lose interest in class towards the end of the year. Since summer is right around the corner, they may be more focused on that than on their studies. To keep your child engaged and learning through the end of the school year, use these tips.

Change Things Up

After months of taking classes at home, your child's routine may have gotten too predictable and boring. If this is the case, it can be easy for your child to lose interest and get distracted. To shake things up without completely changing their routine, look for details you can alter to make the day more exciting. For example, something as simple as taking silent reading time outside can make this same activity more exciting.

Interactive Learning

Another way to make the day more fun and engaging is by making your lessons interactive. After hours of learning from a screen or writing in a notebook, it can all get mundane. Look for ways to make lessons more interesting with household items. Look for science experiments that make your child's lessons more interesting or simply do some roleplaying while learning a new history lesson.

Step Outside

Finally, change up your child's learning environment while taking advantage of the warmer weather. Take your lessons outside by setting up a work area in the patio. Grab some sidewalk chalk and practice writing lessons or math lessons on the sidewalk. These may be little changes, but they can make a huge difference.

Academic Tutoring in West Bloomfield

Tutoring in West Bloomfield is a great idea for students of all ages. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, West Bloomfield to find a great program for your child. To learn more, give their learning center a call at (862) 210-8600, and don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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